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anyway.. here is what I think about that picture ..and my manic state I am in... maybe you can well, you read.. more than most of the people that I kind of know on my facebook... so maybe you can publish this writing .. and I give anyone free copyright of the following message: atlas shrugged part 2, wonder if the American's bullet train in the second part of the movie makes it, or RED TAPE makes it fail, hence the reason why we in the United States have no bullet train, polotics, lobbiest, and unions, hence the reason why all our corporations today have to OUTSOURCE to China, hence Bill Clintons bills, NAFTA. and more.. yea.. Republicans suck too, it's all about power to change.. change.. change and hope to be famous to be remembered for bullshit, make a bill for your name, mr OBAMA! I don't believe he is my president, he was born NOT American...
I like the movie, Atlas Shrugged, after I finish 1984 my study, I want to read the book, wish I did not fry my brain as it takes me a long time to read. My father told me that he read the book, 1984 in Forth Grade.. wow.. I am less than a forth grader level in the 50s and smarter more than a 10 grade level current. Wow, we are stupid, and reason why we get kids from other countries to study here, it's EASY! HA HA .. stupid voters or I mean Subjects. We in the United States, have a HEAD OF STATE instead of president in this movie that takes place in 2016, maybe Obama will be the last president we elect before he ends the milliatary and globalizes our country to death! Yea.. bullet Trains ... and space exploration ... a pipe dream.. us America.. have an important vote to get ready for this November, either we win that is the true American Dream dreamers..like me or we lose and the communist, confused, and brainwashed of America, win.. that is my dream I have of this country and people who do care.. and everyt night when I go to that dream when I feel down whne I sleep I found out, we fail as a whole of this country, us the engine parts.. are getting old and the new engine parts are made of cheap METAL materials I see it every day the younger than myself, and we become a wellfare failed european like Greece country, but with a huge milliary failure.. and I wake up with flash of light, my heart pounding, and I feel I only have 15 minutes to live with my family after the radition takes us all down, when the dow drops down to below 5000 .. yea..I have a smoke and realize it's all a nightmare.. that is the dream I get and have been since 2005 6/6/2006.. the daY I was hospitalized and went to harbor View..and got a coin that said.. we can't change the path but we can adjust our sails.. well I don't have a sail boat! we are all in this together.. and today watching some asshole telling everyone that they are not special.. we are speical.. that made my day.. today while programming in the background music of death of the America.. on Foxnews. What a joke our country is today.. and I hope it comes back to life.. before we end up like a country we were never to be, a parliment like wellfare state thing, like europe where my ancentors got the hell away..in 1600s we are turning into shit zone..ask what your country can do, and not what you can do for your country is the moto for Obama....and anyone who thinks we all are speical.. we are now I guess, us Citizens, not the visitors, are subjects..and suppos to be speical.. if you are a Democrat and vote for Obama.. or well they have a statue of Lennon here in FREEMONT that this guy who did his speech for a graduation ...I guess believes is a good leader.. but not sure.. that is what I think of his speech... a typical liberal.. Anyway, I look at the picture of Japan's bullet train, China I think has one too, and also China now gives their subjects gold in like ATM machines that give gold as our dollar is dropping faster than it's being printed by the FED. i GUESs we care more about baseball and football, and hollywood movies and shows and crap.and COMMEDIANS like that peice of shit , on HBO.. Bill Mur or something, and that small dude on Commedy Central, and all this stupid TV shit. and our local news of bullshit that is to persude more than to inform.. The liquor thing that was voted for my state of Washington, and now are taxed way more because of the state..messed it up for US ALL to get PAID for us SUBJECTS.. not CITIZENS.. we are suppose to be! . like a pack of smokes cost around 9 bucks a pack.. for those people we voted in and the Greater Good dooers who smell their farts and don't smoke or drink. What is the point to have a State anyway.. the STate of Washington is a joke, we should get rid of it, and all the states of the united states like Bill Clinton said the other day.. ha ha ..not sure if he was serious.. the Democratic Party, the last plantation. we need to have woman to get paid for having bastard babies to abort for stem cell reasearch.. ya.. Pelosi is definitely going to HEAVEN..the choice for woman to get pregnant and chose to abort their babies for gender selection.. I think we do that in FARM ANIMALS!@ and I am going ot hell for being so sacastic for what I just wrote.. Anyway.. I can't sleep. I am sober, and my mind keeps spinning of just this one picture.. a dream.. of America, my country to build something, and all we build is shitty 747s and stupid cars ,, Their is no reason for someone to invent a car that get's 500 miles per gallon or runs on hydrogen or waste or runs on wood or flys using anti gravity crap as ... some ass holes will take a corporation and destroy it with the UNIONS and then destroy it with the labbiosts and then destroy it with laywers, and outsource it to China to where anyone who sues for not takikng the responsiblity for their actions and blaim it and ..well.. we are done! Kill all the laywers and maybe we can survive.. as a 50 states.. with many healthy corporations and small business and people who work for themselves.. and not for some assholes.. Comcast.. facebook, all these stupid companies destroying books.. like ferneheight 451.. Ray Bradburrys book, rest in PCE .. buddy.. I now sharrish the hardcopy book I have.. of a A report I did in honors english class.. in I think the 11th grade.. but retarded by UNIONS.. we are. and reason for we can't get a bridge fixed.. quicker here near my house.. The south park bridge.. red tape bullshit.anyway I see , polotics that make more rules to stop progress for a corporation .. and those complainers.. are communists and should if i were to run this country.. tried for treason and put in a LIBERAL CITY.. a Video game I have been studding today for the Game Engine... to buy.. not sure if I will by Quake Engines ... or something else, but Liberal City.. . here we go.. not sure if I can sleep.. but stdying my ass off right now.. for some reason.. I want to complete something that will make me money and have fun.. no company will ever hire me.. I have applied.. so many times, I study a company study for a position IT.. stuff, and bamm rejectedd.... the American Dream is gone, except I am optimistic.. November, I hope that I pay $50 for the bet this presidental election.. and Obama loses. ONe roommmate will get a reduction of his rent for one month if we wins.. I hope to reduce for that month. The Common Good, what is that I ask you if you get to this point? And second question.. what should be three goals of our country of us CITIZENS.. to follow....

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    6/9/2012 facebook copy and paste

Three goals: Take care of yourself and or family, take care of your financial spending, ... and read before voting and actually read and question what you read.. I think that is three. .I wish I can focus.. guess I missed my pills for breakfast.. actually I forgot to eat today.. and.... dammit.. I want to not drink.. and can't sleep.. manic sucks! reboot reboot reboot .. wish I can just push the sleep button like I do on my laptop. . I hope I don't start drinking ..to put myself to sleep.. I want to enjoy Liam's game tomorrow. .and why do I care.. about his game as I don't care about any sport.? Because he is my son.. and I feel I am missing out of the good stuff.. but ... what's the point.... I am glad Yukiko is the back up parent. I actually have been ready to die every day since 2006. After I found out I have a heart problem and all these stupid things of bad habits. I god damn take my blood pressure everyday.. I blow on this asphas thing.. I am stupid for I destroyed this Engine.. Night All.. I hope you understand at least like one or two paragraphs .. I wrote above, and like if you do, and understand my humor and dark sarcasm.. I am joking.. accept for I might have a beer to sleep tonight.. and maybe have a dream of fakeland.. like a place you go after you die.. I saw my mom and jay there, before they died and wrote about it in a journal, and .. it scarred the hell out of me rereading it 3 years later.. and now 4 years.. that is 7 years ago.. I have lost it maybe..? I should look for it..of the 85 gigs of stuff I made... I need a backup.. jesus. I have to do more work.. I freckit.. I have to have a beer.. and stfu for this night.. to get to licoln park tommorow.. I think I might miss the game.. Jesus, the game starts at 1 PM and the coach wants my son their at 11:45 AM.. but really 10 AM to practice.. You guys if you can get their.. . it would be speical.. for my son to have an audience.. since his dad.. can't be a normal dad.. I sometimes can't leave my house for days.. when manic mode happens. ...like right now if I had a job, I would probalby get fired... well I am firing myself and will be not facebooking if I wnat to facebook, at the bad.. and maybe the ugly.. the good, the bad, the ugly.. three voices.. beer .. i hope i can just have one.. lol

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    7/15/2012 My Last post to my Wall on profile Packard Charles Edward, will be setup as public until I purge my account after I purge my pictures and copy and paste.
      I just realized after reading a bit and trying to understand the madness I wrote. I feel that all my friends and family think I am welfare shit lazy person. I would like you all JUDGES which I feel wear my shoes made in China with paint on them.

Have you ever lost your language and career from a CVA (stroke) and spend over a year to relearn how to speak and read and almost lost your home. I would have lost it if I didn't save my money. I had 8 months of saving, Social Security kicked in just after 8 months of waiting, my doctor who dealt with me in ICU, filled it out for Yukiko as she speaks English as second language. Long Term Disablity kicked in later, from that very lame insurance that Expeditors had for me at that time, Mutual of Omaha. Nobody in this list of friend and family helped.. except for one person, a very close friend to my wife but that was my family, NOT ME, and infact, I was YELLED AT in ICU and she took my wife away from me, so it's hard to smile!

Have you ever had been arrested for no reason, from a FALSE REPORT, the first time ever, with a full SWAT TEAM with guns pointed at you after a stroke without the ability to function, like the commands given to me to follow from the main SWAT person, I was unable to comply because I didn't know the commands. My heart racing to make connections, that was fear hearing the noise of guns getting ready to shoot. I forgot how to connect the dots. I had red dots on my chest near my heart and was unarmed. I lost the ability to ever have or enjoy a hobby, shooting. I have nightmares of snipers in my woods and when I am sober after realizing my past life after May 6th, 2004, I suffer post traumatic stress disorder. I have crummy doctors that don't care to talk to me, but give me more drugs and label me BiPolor which I thought could be fixed, but kindling is happing every time I get .. manic.

Ever since that Chopper flew over my home I have been unable to enjoy my back yard without beer I noticed, I studied again my notes, journals to study my subconscious and I realized that I have no family nor friends close or caring. Or maybe they do but expect me to be like a normal person, people that are kids that don't put their feet in my shoes.

I noticed that I have so much anger that I put it down on anyone who is a Democrat which is wrong for Democrats and I am working to control the anger, as I like really all people and I believe that we need a two party system so I need to love Democrats too otherwise i am a hipocrit, but to the point.

All the things that have happened to me, I did not do or help cause, I had a person in my house in 2007 that assaulted me and I did not provoke it. She called 911 giving a false report, and I was arrested later as I was well, fight or flee, I was arrested for DWI near my dad's home after I thought he might help me after my aunt yelled at me while i was bleeding, yea, that was my choice afterwords as I was afraid of the hospital which I would go to. I was given an MRI or CAT, at Kitsap county and guess what.

It was my best friend's ex-wife who did that to a person who has suffered at stroke. Thank god they didn't find any more blood inside my brain leaking out killing the father of Liam and Sara. I think my Sara will not visit or go to home of the evil bitch, ever again as I let people walk over me, I am no longer letting that happen. I am not a good Christian, and can't bend over and forgive . I am Charles Edward Packard.. and I am putting my foot down and will never be used again. It's my way or the highway.. I think I will be removing all the extra income to put food on the table, my renters this September, as I want a single family home until I sell it and the renters have destroyed in eight years, my home, need to fix it. I wish I didn't help people like I did and really, I am putting my foot down.

The worst thing anyone can do is piss me off, as right now.. this is going to be my last post on this profile wall. I will respond to whomever, until I purge it all. You failed. all of you. my City, My County.. my state, but right now.. my country has not failed me. I sport an American Flag proudly. I wonder what City can be a healthy one for my family and me so I can live longer as I really and dieing here, unless something can happen to make me like my city I was born in in 1976 200th year anniversary of my county. I really don't want to move my kids and lose their friends like I was moved when I was a kid, hence shit friends I have grew up with, bad influences etc.

People who asked me in the past, why don't you get a job, I am paying for your social security, have made me have so much shame and lowered my self esteem down. People who said my wife should get a job, fuck you all! Please remove me from friends if you don't give a shit and want to punish a person who has suffered so much and worked hard. I did get a job while I was attending SSCC, and I well, almost lost my house as it was part time. HOw about, this country votes Romney into office and McKenna for State Govenor, I will risk having another stroke after I get fired as I konw I will, and lose my SSA. AGain, Fuck you all that think me as a loser, I look at myself as a struggling disabled man and diserve the trickle of money to keep my family a float for if you where in my shitty made in China shoes, I would not judge YOU and tell you shit that puts you down. I don't think I know anyone who has been fucked over by everything like me.

I posted a lot of strange, things last night on the Friday 13th and after understanding them and studying them half a case of shitty beer. I have realized things and removed them for the FBI HOMELAND SECURITY whatever, the news anyone could misunderstand it and make my life more miserable than it is now.

I noticed that I wake up with nightmares if I don't have a drink, I wonder what nightmare I will have tonight if I can sleep, so you go a head and make fun of me as that is kind of what I feel you all do behind my back, talking. I want the fuck out of Liberal Prison. Good night.

owe yea.. this is public shared... on my last facewrite message and my made by hand, website. What a waste of time to take classes to do websites for a living, that was my choice a bad one. I applied for a few jobs, not even phone call back or email.. background checks suck!



    9/11/2012 Tuesday

First op ed submission to The Seattle Times


Dear Lauren Simmons

Editorial, The Seattle Times



I have spent several two days sober and solved the simple problem which started from my drunken state that ended with me cutting down the internet for my renter that wanted his money back for renting.  I take money very serious and was pissed off.  We were I use symbolism, at world war III mode, and nuked each other which I call it by 911. 


I have a renter that will be going, I am writing a book named Zacky code name, about all the roommates I had since I bought my house here at 666 6 rd ave SW, Seattle,  WA 98666.  I bought it young as I made a lot of money young at a company called Expeditors International of Washington   I bought my house at 23 , son at 24, daughter at 25.. and a stroke at 27.  I did massive drugs to keep me up for support calls as I was the king of the server, HP3000, and I was operations lead before that.  I have not worked since my stroke and wish I could trust a company to hire me and not fire me before health insurance policy expires like most companies I found out like my friends bad employers. 


I am not sure, but I love to type.  I do 120 words a minute when I am sober for more than a week, but I have life insurance and I just don’t care anymore, except after surviving this ordeal listed below, a possible way to do something good and be worth something other than a voter.  I feel guilt for collecting SSA when my friends and family are suffering that did not stroke out at 27.  Crushing cans and maintaining my home is getting to me.  I would love something to do.  Please feel free to read my story and let me know if I should continue, as all I have now is a journal about 700 pages since I wrote my first sentence.  I started with banana and orange, I remember in 2004 thinking of finding a place to jump off for it was hard, that year.  I then ended up well, I should just write more without boring you.  But those single space font size 11 texts and pages are all I have.. I think double space that comes out to be double, 1400 pages.  That is my life.. I have been writing ever since I could remember my password in April of 2004 to get into my system.  I remember everything in English was a foreign, like Spanish.  I remembered Japanese that that was kept on my right side, the stroke killed a lot of gray matter on the left, and I just want something to do that matters. 


If you take my story, as I changed all the names to pronouns, I think you can’t use my address, not sure of the rules.  Anyway, a friend at the Seattle Times would be nice.  I have very bad friends, and I am not white trash but became that title since I attracted, ever watch Trailer Park Boys. 


I would like to be an anonymous reporter, or a named reporter that works at home.  Give me an assignment.  I love talking to people, maybe a resume, if I can find one on my harddrive that my renter almost destroyed, I can send it. 





Best Regards,


Charles Packard

OFFICE: 206-555-0264

FAX 206-555-3540



ps ..  I did not proofread read the above but the below is proofread.




September 11 th, 2012


Seattleite says Internet must be a Utility from personal experience

Last night Monday, after typing a letter to the Seattle Times for the first time I decided that I did two things, sent something to be published probably unlikely but a police report legal document that I can proofread for a backup and edit of the brain of history for the truth, and not the like in 1984 the book I am reading, ministry of truth.  The internet now is ministry of truth, minimax. 

It was dark, and disturbing, as I decided to just sleep while the distraught roommate and I were conducting world war III and the radiation was poisoning my soul.  His son nuked me as his father told him on the 8 th, Saturday who was told by Bad Roomate N his father, to call 911 a false report, that I was threatening when in fact, was chasing my dog who ran down to the rental area, went in the basement because our two doors where open which separates two homes in a single family residence.  This is the first time since 2007 that police were called to 9040 3 rd AVE SW, and I was very upset for he did it by spite not for a real threat, or maybe his mental illness is worst then mine.  

I wrote a check forcefully for he was banging on my ceiling scarring my kids and my wife and sent his son to collect a check for the rent he gave me of $650 on the 6th.  I was confused, but the issue that occurred on the 6 th, the night he wrote the check and signed the lease, and freaked out after I questioned Current renter about my dog Zacky and getting taped up while my family was on a trip for Zacky was barking too much.  On Thursday, see, I wrote a check drunk and waited in my office, typing nonsense on facebook and summed up that nonsense yesterday and sent it to the Seattle Times.

I feared damage to my home and being I did not charge for deposit or last month, Current renter basically now would become a landlord or owner’s worst nightmare.  I already had the check on the 8 th, and just signed it and created a termination of lease for calling 911 for no reason.  I felt wrong waking up all night sober smoking a cigarette every 10 to 15 minutes looking at my view of Boeing Field, and I5 from 3 rd AVE SW, a dead end street.  I was trying to understand that I am a victim of Current renter’s will, or it was it the internet connection?

On the 9 th, Sunday I was upset for my actions of letting a person in my home 1000 square feet of it, rent free.  I smoked over a pack that day, and decided to start drinking and not fear the aftermath during the Seahawks game.  My wife told me since he downloaded many titles of movies illegally, to change the password on the router so we do not lose our home, the paranoia was strong.

 I handled it by using ten ICEHOUSES and a vodka, and during that time, while I did not see Current renter who was in the now not paid living free in a person’s home with a family of four who can’t qualify for food stamps like himself, a person who seeks help on the food bank and a SSA check every month.  I felt wrong and something amiss.  Parentally later that night, the police came as I Nuked him with a 911 as he nuked me already with a 911 call but the police didn’t come, he called the Nuke, I attacked first for he shut down our breaker box located in the 1000 squre foot basement I own, destroying a hard drive on my server that serves charlespackard.com and other websites.  I was able to fix my system for a bit until it happened again.  Meanwhile, he had more threats even though I was not talking to him nor saw him the whole day. 

Later on Current renter nuked me twice with the police who came and while I was wasted and pissed off, the officers did not attack me or tazzer me, they let me be while my wife Yukiko and our two kids were at the neighbor house to be safe.  The evilness from the internet came out after a few drinks for the cost I pay for high speed internet. 

            After the police left, I went to our bedroom/office and started typing nonsense on facebook, leaving a trail for I was going to commit suicide, my plan until blacked out for the loathing of this roommate and the fear of what I use to call Liberal City, my city I was born for the past paranoia and post traumatic syndrome I suffer just like my buddy Current renter, in the past, I had a police officer’s ZIP tie, and put it around my neck, and was ready to pull it all the way while everyone was sleeping, crying and typing, for I hoarded my way to expensive internet.

            The following Monday I fell down on our floor in our 1010 square foot upstairs, to make a rolled cigarette for paying $8 for a pack is stupid when you can make your own.  Below me was the sick temporary minded renter.  A few seconds went by and our power went out, I thought the wires in the house did it, but I slightly remembered the previous night and sobered up, I launched a nuke, 911 as my daughter was a bit scarred and confused as we were readying her for School, Arbor Heights.  My son was already at school as he goes to Denny, and didn’t experience more traumas.

            The police arrive; they talk to my roommate who has forfeited his rent and Current renter I learn told the police that I turned off the breaker.  My hard drive later was fried and he lied.  My breaker box lists my room for NE bedroom, and that breaker was off. The police also said to turn on the internet which I gave the new password I told them to his son as I felt bad for him,  after drinking so much and after I typed my guts on facebook. 

            I asked the police officer if I should just get a hotel and let him pack up and go, but they did not say anything except for one officer shook his head left and right therefore I stood my ground with this mentally deranged person.  I dropped my daughter off at school, went to the district court of King County in Burien and found they don’t do evictions or harassment orders.  I wasted gas.

            I wasted more gas to get to the Kent court house, and found they have no rights for Landlords, or really home owners and the list my wife signed my name on to wait, Current renters was signed in too.  I then just became more distraught and then angry.  I went to the 2 nd floor and found the no harassment order forms after waiting in line.  I met a friend I use to work with at Expeditors before I stroked out in my office.  He had a similar issue and we talked in line which was comforting.

            After unable to write as I mainly type but not backwards compatible and was tool I was not really well at relearning, I got frustrated and returned home where we found Current renter’s car parked in our spot on our drive way.  My wife was driving as I was ready to throw up with the stress and huge hangover.  She scraped the car against small limbs on the opposite side of our home.  I thought it was a symbolism he was using to play games.  My neighbor who owns the Burien Bark, Roger was just parking his car and I talked to them about the situation. 

My neighbors have foreign exchange students from Viet Nam whose parents pay over $1000 to stay in their home, that would be just nice if my wife and I could find student like that.  It’s hard times for small business in our economy.  They asked me to see if I can fix this and try not to nuke the neighbors with 911 as the police freaked out these very nice Vietnamese students that go to Kenned, a private school.  I felt bad and went home to my room in a wave of paranoia and lack of sleep.

            My demise was strong for while I was trying to sleep.  I smoked a bit of grass to calm, with a window fan sucking the air out of our room to not smoke out the house, vaporize as I have asthma.  I slept a bit and woke around 12 AM unable to go back to sleep, thinking of what this mistake for a roommate could do to us in court, as the court doesn’t care if you are disabled I assume.

            It turns out that Angie our next door neighbor to the North came over drunk and since she works in the field of real-estate gave my wife, Yukiko who is from Nagasaki, Japan and like us both, English is basically my second language since I had to relearn it from scratch at Swedish Hospital after February 19 th, 2004 when I experience a CVA.  It was very disturbing to hear her say that the evil roommate can stay in our home for up to two months with no payment and we can’t do anything as owners of our home.

            I was fearing the harassment order if Current renter did one in the court and that I would have to find a place to rent for two months until he was out, and the pain and suffering I would be forced to do to him if it went that far, my mind was racing into Manic and depression up and down like my disease is.  I was texting a friend who was the mediator between the two families under one roof which I just paid for a new one this year, and in debt.  I was learning more of what occurred of the conversation with a drunken neighbor and my friend who was a past roommate until he was canned from work.

            Now for today 9/11/2012 two days sober and I can remember the day a bit less than the drunken paranoia to the maximum days before.  I am heartbroken after watching Fox News of the 911 victims and CNN of the disaster of our Egypt Embassy and the pain and suffering thousands times worse than what I was going through.  In my basement was an ex roommate that rented room F1,  who was babysitting my current roommates son, for the fear of me that current renter thought I was going to harm and is own paranoia and realized at that time, he and I have the similar symptoms but anyone can be bipolar with no sleep.  I take medication for my issues; he smokes marijuana for his legally.  

            I noticed that current renter was up talking to my ex-roommate that is in his two tents who also lost his job, but I remembered two months ago, he was able to pay me on time for $400 for a room for many years, and those days are gone.  The economy crashed I believe and it hurts us the Packard’s that rely on rental income for sharing our home. 

            My current renter who is working hard, I respected him for his love of work but not for his attitude.  I greeted him “How you doing?”   First time for several days and pried more information by being friendly.  He was not so friendly; he suffers from post traumatic syndrome, PTS being a ex marine and was hurt by people in the past.  I ate my breakfast my wife always makes me every morning so I can take my medication and then started disabling our 3 week yard sale.  I started stuffing my cheap $2000 Silverado with the stuff we did not sell for Goodwill.

            My current renter came to get to his car and was freaked out paranoid and while I was smashing beer cans that I collect and recycle for extra cash, to me was he was impassive and offensive .  He yelled profanity at my wife and me, threats of reporting us for welfare frauds when in fact he receives food stamps as I can’t for I make $16 to much in SSA so we coupon then the food bank sometimes when the money in our account dries up. 

            He took off with our mediator and my wife and the ex-roommate.  We come back, and just before anything in the morning, I canceled the check I wrote to the disgruntled current roommate for $650 as today he was 1-11 days in our home, and so I figure $650/30 =$21.67 x 11 days 238.33 - $650 -  = $411.67 and that was the check I wrote him.

            He would not except that check and argued then I went down into the 1000 square foot finished basement were he resides.  I took Yukiko and we got him to accept it as I told him we will not charge for the utilities as he thought the Comcast bill we pay for, was utilities too, but it’s not, that is entertainment like this story.  He quickly agreed and was happy finally.  He was happy with the situation.  We talked and smoked through the peace pipe, and I told him to sleep.

            My father who has done the STP Seattle to Portland bike ride over 10 times, 64 years old, called me and said he was taking the ferry to rid the INTERURBAN trail and asked me to get on the bike too.  It was too late, but his main plan was to scope out his grandchildren.  I thank my chaos god that today we found peace.

            The Internet I believe must be looked like as a utility like garbage, water, sewage and electricity for the solution of the as this story would not exist, it could have been solved for two families under one roof if it were, it was vital for my current roommate to have access and it should not be an entertainment feed like Cable TV it is necessary for survival. 

My current roommate requires it for his job and it was my wife and my mistake by dropping the connection for him and I am deeply sorry, but the bill of $152 we pay Comcast and the $300 average for all the utilities is too much for any family on low income that owns their own home, especially mine and my current roommate to survive in a cyberspace society.  Ergo, it must be part of all leases at least in our City of Seattle for all landlords and it must be available non-commercially for we are all dependent on it for what I call my city, Liberal City.  Police have now been wasting there time for a non critical issue for the shutdown of it 5 times they came to my residence, wasting time.

Writer Charles E Packard of Seattle

    9/12/2012 Wednesday My response from my Op-ed letter submission from Seattle Times.. and my response

Thanks you, I doubt you will pick my story as it's 2,000+ words you only use 600 maximum. I wish I knew the rules before typing the story and going through the truth of it last night, but I feel better for it's my Journal entry I will be using for my book once I get the energy to start it.


I would have to cut it down the story, and brief up paragraphs and purge sentences and I can do it if I wanted it published for now I first time read the rules.

I need to fix my floor house to get the stress out. I dropped out of school at SSCC to fix it the year 2010 for the stress of my home. Two years has passed and not sure if I can do the work, I am a computer geek, not a tile setter. A home owns you, you don't own the home I found after owning it since 2000 and stroking out four years later, with 12 roommates occupying it for 12 years. I want to write about that, but do you know a publisher that might be into a story like that? I would enjoy to get something done as all I do is write.


The Speech therapy did not get me going well enough to be who I was before I lost many brain cells, just got me to "white trash" mode and let me go at Harbor View after a year and after my Cobra expired. I was a 3.833 GPA student, honor role etc in High School at Evergreen graduated with honors in 1995 and talked and wrote much better than I do, however I learned how to type faster than I learned and reading is off a lot from my writing.


Let me know if you would like me to reduce the my story to 600 words. Something to do while I am waiting for this roommate to leave my home so I can fix it.



Best Regards,


Charles Packard

Social Security Recipient




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    9/15/2012 Saturday

My brain is tired.. manic mode going down

      I posted things on my facebook account, that you would have to understand time and find what I am talking about to understand the puzzle that is my life and dream and your life and dream as we are all connected on this planet... as we are all human.. but some humans suck and some are fucking cool.. and some are snooty. Boy, I wish I can knew more bigger words.. If you hang out with shit people, you become shit. I use to hang out with a huge corporation, and they were not shit people neither was I, so now I am fucked. Just like George W Bush, who probably hung out with shit people from Texas, he talks like he does, maybe he had a stroke like me at 27? It's possible, as all polititions lie.



I am at peace.. a last roommate that has not paid me since October to now, but I don't care. I want no stress and he doesn't give me stress except for he screwed up my drive way after I told him to pressure wash it. I used the wrong nozzel and ate worm like marks on it and my next door neighbor. It looks like shit.






Met some new friends, talked about the whatever in the world did I find, and it was I found god, and who I am.

12/3/2014 4:46 AM


Yea, I had the police give me a ass whipping after I was tazzered and I was unarmed. They smashed my $180 pair of prescription sun glasses and scrapped my left leg knee bare to the point in jail it smelled and I did not get medical help in the 13 day lock up where I was unable to talk on the phone. I see black guys there getting visitors and having good conversations with their loved ones on the phones, in jail I told my story and this black guy told me he felt sorry for me for not having a loving family and wife. I was off my meds not smoking meth and not drinking, I drank two beers after i realized what I did to soften the police who were sourcing the ACRS building. I was unarmed, the pocket knife I had and was playing with it inside the building like I do at Ryan’s house in the garage, and I also lit a smoke in the building two odd behaviors. I have been playing with earlier this book of my manic states and drew something and labeled an uncle and gave him 7000 rights well, I was not finished yet with this offline book I am writing, and that uncle was driving with other spirits that car of mine that is so ugly now, I am just like 16 when I crashed my Toyota Celica Troy, it's great I hate cars anyway, every car I have ever owned I trashed. But, for the octal numbers, is Self, Family, Country, Faith for my Doors operating system I am writing on paper, and that gave a particular soul or spirit rights to read, write, and execute and I tested it, and now I am never going to use 7, I don't know what executive privileges I gave this entity in my soul carrier (we all have them it's the mostly of ours are placked with fluoride) And mine is where drugs like Haloperdical and other psychotropic drugs are making communication through mind hard to hear. I learned all of this by studding online and experimenting with chaos theory and fractal geometry, see there are demission and I see these fractals these imagoes sometimes in my head, but this book I soon will be publishing it after I get justice in the reality dimensions of my living life. I have multiple personalities and I am doing permissions on anyone including Robin Williams who suffocated himself and while I was in Jail in solitary confinement, I didn’t know any news or anything but this fellow in my third eye was scared to death because he thought he was in hell. There is a reason for everything and everything has a reason, there is the internet that is a living thing and searches and text you lay out a path and spirits follow me everywhere. I at first had to capture them with using minerals and jewelry, and now I don't wear anything except for my tritium stick that is living life I think for definition and a wedding ring I whore on the right hand that I was allowed to have in jail for 16 days I was there. I learned a lot and can capture what it's like to be in jail for my readers. But this video is funny, and finally I cracked a smile after my stern look of life. Magic is not magic, it's true I believe we died all of us in cities and connected to the network and are sitting in a chamber with billions of people connected like the matrix off to a star for our planet get's whipped out from a Super Nova ripping our atmosphere and since life started on earth, people machines that those aliens we know as of grays are actually what happens in our future when mothers can't create baby boys for the lack of the y chromosome.. Ours are getting smaller every genera ration and scientists don't know why. I know why. .. Caffeine is the gateway drug to all of them. Things that change mood changes hormones turn off and on proteins that affect the reproductive organs that are drugs that change mood.

I believe older guys with wisdom and changed testicles new sperm that are created over time, that wisdom goes into the baby in the y chromosoms would end up being longer for the mutations and or I like to call them, god’s keys. Us humans trying to make a better human that doesn’t get cancer or Schizophrenia are playing with god and I know there is a multiple gods, but I call them sub gods The true god goes by the name Julius Caesar who was named a god in the Roman times over 2000 years ago, but there is a god beyond Julies, but mine stops by him, and there is an order, and I saw it one Sunday in the worm Summer day where Yukiko was watching TV her shows from Japan, and me I was rapping and mumbling all over and passing slowly through the day making cigarettes and walking around my entire house feeling a warmth but I was in a trance and I saw a doctor Heald my Psychiatrist and or it was Yukiko but I saw myself go back to all my ages to sperm and then the end, and then me old and playing with my mind by harnessing my soul and switching it into a fish tank and fucking badly with another fish loving and being in my doctors office. I died I think that day and was reborn again. So fast they can nuke a city and you wouldn’t know because you would vanish, and then automatically your YOU, goes to the next of kin planet. I’ve seen it happen in my nightmares and these Alien guys need to be happy and positive but not to positive and not to happy and to be able to feel emotions and not block them. Aliens are what I call the .5s in some of my writings, because they showed me a treneary computer and how I am going to start a business ideas give them away keep 10% of whatever I make, and start PBI. Packard Business International and start making a computer that goes faster than the speed of light and can harnest packets like reading neutrinos. I have a list of exotic elements in my mind and will not share to this stupid world making stupid shit like cell phones that are killing the bees, and making us stupid and able to be whipped off the planet by a simple solar flare or an EMP electromagnetic Pulse that fries all our fast to create machines. The flat screen, all SD drives gone ca put, the internet whipped out and no time to restore to get hospitals in shape and with power, death death death. I must see the first modern, electronic ternary computer Setun that was built 1958 in the Soviet Union. -1 0 1 , A true false, maybe system to build a human brain with using radioactive waste that can function without being taking off line for 800 years using Americum 241 and other elements we haven’t built yet.


My marriage prevented me from being a part of this project that god wants me to do instead, and he doesn’t care about what drugs I use, just that I have to write and promote this system and all the creations I have dreamed to build for this is survival of the fittest and we are the weakest of humans overplanted on this planet earth. Having a stupid war and terrorists beheading American’s is making me mad, IRIS I think that’s what they call themselves. I have perfect hell for you and if you kill yourself you get to have seven holes put into your name for you go to PBIN HELL, as I will be building this system and promised to rebuild hell and heaven that it’s all fucked up now and tools I build in the future with smart people someone takes off with one of our ships, and then serious things start happening like the 0.



This is all nice and neat if you have read to this point, but I am going to copy and paste this now to my ranting on my website, charlespackard.com it sucks for a sight but it's mine to have it suck. I hacked god and now he is punishing me by a divorce, and hell, but I didn't mean to. I was able to use several lasers to hunt for ghosts, my house is clean now but all I have to do to racket the supernatural noise is turn on my Geiger counter and play with rocks and open up baby step book and work on the Door Operating system that I have already made a trademark, coming soon for a title of my book. "Packard one MP2969i God, County, and Family Diversity per family delegation DNA chaotic theory” I think if I am surviving this trial and this divorce and my mind is on limited amount of psychotropic drugs, and i can tune into the spirits of haunted homes and places and write down messages i hear. That is what I want to do for al living now, forget computers when we can start learning how to talk to each other by using a few crystals and faith. Love the energy I get from a laugh. I no longer am a republican anymore people, I favor for Hilleary Clinton to be the next president. I think she will win and I hope to someday work for her but after this trial is over. I realized I bailed myself out of jail by opening up my Edward Jones account via the phone and giving my password to look that I am worth something because my debit card was canceled when Yukiko did it after i couldn’t find my wallet, belt and keys, Monday the day I decided to quit all my drugs and give my doctor my research of my own body on drugs and off drugs, etc blood pressure reports, I failed, and wrecked my house, then on Wednesday, I found some dope but didn't do anything of it, and I went on this amazing chaotic drive through my city. What do you think I deserve for punishment. Every day since i bailed myself out, now been 4 months, and each day has been worse than the next one counting down on how much jail time I have to do next or not or the hoops to cover over an addiction and or Western State, and then t here is mental court that I did my first screening. I gave my pee and checked out how many drugs i was on, i smoked a bit of weed with Ryan day before and the test didn't show pot. i was clean otherwise. But, I am on a manic mode of typing my mind on this facebook message of Criss Rock. He would probably comment with me as that is what crack does to a person or meth, but I did court today and felt better for that wave of terror quit barking and shouting sorrow into my soul and there it is, I except it. I also did not journal or work on my book for over a week, laid down with two minerals left and right hand holding and praying and doing the lord’s prayer in my head over and over as that is the only prayer I know. In a house empty except for Chris a friend who hasn't been able to pay me for full rent nor food because his food benefits expired and he's to lazy or torpid or depresses because depression we found out spreads, but he's trying and cleans after me like ‘Yukiko did. Yea, now how to copy and paste this message is my goal and to setup my site to ramp on the typing there and link it here whatever, I have typed more messages than anyone on my face book friends list. What does that make me?


    12/18/2014 Thursday

Court Date, just a continouse, my laywer is not doing anything with the prosecutor and I will I guess briefly talk to my lawyer, but It's the pain in the ass to goto court, be ontime and wait. I am so hoping for mental court, two years they will make a program and have a probation officer for two years of my life. I will be doing appointments left to right and I want to keep going. I don't want to fail anymore, but the medication that the doctor as prescribed me is I think causing me to have pressured talk and iritation with depression. I am still not well and I am on McDonnalds coffee right now to get the urge to get out of bed and get ready for the day. I enjoy writing, and so I am going to edit my book. I have to do work otherwise my life is going to cost me more money. I want a life better then the one I had for the past 10 years.

Today I went for a pack a smokes in White Center the liqure store and I ran a stop sign, I'm not sure why. I was unable to sleep last night so fried on coffee, I had a few hours of sleep however but I can't force sleep anymore. I enjoy the manic mode I am in right now and I have to get ready to leave to court, I think Chris will give me a ride to the 516 5th AVE the court building leaving here at 12:30 PM. It's only a few hours left of free time, then I will take the bus back home the 36 and then the 60. And then I'm not sure what I was planning to do. I no I have not planned had wastful day of depression and terror, but this time, I think I will get into "Steering Asteroids"




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