I snapped the moon with my Galaxy SII using a MEADE telescope of our moon the other night, it was cooled. Was amazed of the detail from my really cool computer with a cell phone application. I decided to play with GIMP and imagined that the moon could be speed up and start a fusion reaction in the center, and make it alive, what it would look like from our dying planet on one side, the far-side of the moon would always be getting blasted by the sun, and the other side would get sun every 4 hours, and have the moon rotate every 8 hours. Our future can do it. Probably cheaper than landing people on mars. Helium 3, make the moon alive from this strange isotope of an element.

  I snapped this picture from my deck of the new snow and my dog Lola was running and hit the tripod to cause the effect. I snitched the two images together and named this picture, Two moons over the Cascades in 2010, I used my now smashed memoir cell phone.
  Southern view from the Municipal Court Building Down Town Seattle. I used my SAMSUNG MEMIOR cell phone when it was in good shape and snitched three picture together.  



  Was tired of comericals about the MAC and the PC. I hate firewire for is just apples, therefor, I figure artists use apples, and hitler was an artist, ergo my art.
Trina put a picture of her back yard with snow, I had to nuke it.
  2011 Socialist Camping at Deception Pass  

I was very pissed off at the Washington State Park, Deception pass for this stupid nazi happy tree friend lady told me to move my tent as it was to close to a big ass douglas fir. I told her that I have seen a tent catch on fire, I refused to move it, and got mad, and other people camping with us, calmed me down otherwise that day would be the last day for camping and would not have created this animated gif.







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