1. Recent research emphasizes the significant role of _________ in weight loss and health. 
A. heredity
B. nutrition
C. motivation
D. exercise


2. According to Erik Erikson, what must individuals achieve before they can develop intimacy? 
A. secure attachment
B. self-appraisal
C. commitment
D. an identity

 C(IDENTITY Ö. I guess itís wrong! )

3. Manny has contracted a virus that is destroying his body's immune system. Manny most likely has: 
A. gonorrhea.
C. syphilis.
D. herpes.


4. According to Erik Erikson, if individuals do not develop intimacy, they face: 
A. isolation.
B. insecure attachment.
C. despair.
D. low self-esteem.

5. In developing a theory of adult cognition, which theorist focused more on how thinking evolves from being concrete to being abstract, hypothetical, and systematic? 
A. Jean Piaget
B. William Perry
C. Gisela Labouvie-Vief
D. K. Warner Schaie


6. Which aspect of love becomes increasingly important to the young adult? 
A. altruism(
unselfish regard for or devotion to the welfare of others)
B. dependency
C. friendship
D. intimacy--

 D------??(Correct! )

7. David notices he has sores and blisters around his genital area just days after having intercourse. David MOST likely has: 
B. genital herpes.
C. gonorrhea.
D. syphilis.


8. Angelina is having some difficulty with her boyfriend. She wants to maintain a close and supportive relationship, but at times she feels smothered by the relationship. Angelina is: 
A. showing the pseudo-intimate style of intimate interaction.
B. functioning at the self-focused level of relationship maturity.
C. experiencing an imbalance between parental connectedness and intimacy.
D. experiencing a conflict between intimacy and independence.


9. Which of the following is the biggest health risk that most young adults face? 
A. use of cocaine
B. establishing poor health habits
C. cardiovascular disease
D. high levels of cholesterol

 B(It makes sense?)

10. Piaget's claim that adults are fully formal operational thinkers seems to be: 
A. true only for a very small sample of professional adults.NO
B. an inaccurate description of many adults.††† IN BOOK I THINK
C. completely inaccurate of most adults.†† NOT IN BOOK
D. true, except for adults with mental defects or diseases. NO NOT IN BOOK


11. According to Erik Erikson, achieving intimacy means to be able to: 
A. detach your thoughts from your emotions.
B. find oneself while losing oneself in another.
C. comfortably live in close proximity to someone.
D. have a sexual relationship with someone.


12. Piaget's claim that adults are fully formal operational thinkers seems to be: 
A. true only for a very small sample of professional adults.
B. true, except for adults with mental defects or diseases.
C. an inaccurate description of many adults.
D. completely inaccurate of most adults.


13. Bethany's doctor informs her she has an STI. As an American, which is she MOST likely to have? 
A. Chlamydia3 MILLION
B. gonorrhea500,000
C. syphilis100,000
D. HIV††††† †††††300,000


14. Nicotine is a: 
A. depressant.
B. sedative.
C. narcotic.
D. stimulant.


15. Before Gisela has sex with her boyfriend, she asks if he has tested positive for HIV and also requires that he use a condom. Given what we know about HIV and the sexual behavior and attitudes of most adults, we can say that Gisela's practice is: 
A. safe.
B. not completely safe, because condoms can fail and men often lie to have sex.
C. not safe, because condoms do not provide protection from HIV.
D. not safe, because she could still contract HIV from casual contact with her boyfriend before sex.

A(should have been B .. this is sexist ! )