psy 200 su 09 Q1

  1. A recessive gene can only assert itself when 
    A. there is an interaction between nature and nurture.
    B. it is a stronger gene.
    C. both genes in a pair are recessive.
    D. the environment is right.

B: should have been C


  1. This is a prenatal medical procedure where high-frequency sound waves are directed into the women's abdomen. 
    A. amniocentesis
    B. triple screen
    C. chronic villi sampling
    D. ultrasound sonography



3. The theory that was created by Erik Erikson is known as the __________ theory of development. 
A. psychobiological
B. psychosocial
C. psychoanatomical
D. psychoeducational


4. Which of the following of Erik Erikson's stages would most accurately describe the developmental phase of a preschooler? 
A. trust versus mistrust
B. identity versus identity confusion
C. industry versus inferiority
D. initiative versus guilt


5. "Students at this age are full of surprises," comments the high school teacher. "They come in looking and acting like punk rockers one day, then like nuns and monks the next!" Erik Erikson would say these students are 
A. trying to evaluate the usefulness of their lives.
B. actively exploring different roles.
C. trying to establish intimate relationships with others.
D. acting out repressed conflicts.

 C: (should have been B)

6. Jason is tall and has undeveloped testes and developed large breasts. What sex-linked disorder does he have? 
A. Klinefelter syndrome
B. Fragile X syndrome
C. Turner syndrome
D. Down syndrome


7. This is a prenatal medical procedure where a sample of amniotic fluid is withdrawn by syringe and tested for chromosome or metabolic disorders. 
A. chorionic villi sampling
B. triple screen
C. amniocentesis
D. ultrasound sonography

 A: should have been C

8. Emanuel is a 25-year-old African American. He constantly feels tired because of an abnormality in his blood. Emanuel has 
A. hemophilia.
B. sickle-cell anemia.
C. thrombocytopenia.
D. agranulocytosis.


9. A teratogen is any agent that can cause 
A. fetal movement.
B. early birth.
C. maternal discomfort.
D. birth defects.


10. Marie-Ann is 6 months old. When her mother hears her cries of hunger, she comes and feeds her; and when Marie-Ann is uncomfortable, her mother comes and moves her around until she is comfortable. Through these actions, Marie-Ann is learning that the world is a good place. What stage of psychosocial development is Marie-Ann currently in? 
A. trust versus mistrust
B. initiative versus guilt
C. hope versus despair
D. independence versus dependence


11. Travis spends a great deal of time working and trying to establish his career. He also has been thinking about how his personal relationship is going and considering whether it could be long term and lead to establishing a family. Travis is most likely in 
A. early adulthood.
B. middle adulthood.
C. late adolescence.
D. late adulthood.


12. Johnathan is almost completely dependent on his parents. He is just learning to recognize things that he wants and how to get them. Johnathan is in the period of development called 
A. early childhood.
B. middle childhood.
C. infancy.
D. late childhood.

 A: (C infancy)

13. Women have a ________ chromosome pairing, and men have a ________ chromosome pairing. 


14. River has a round face, a flattened skull, an extra fold of skin over her eyelids, a protruding tongue, short limbs, and retardation of motor and mental abilities. She is likely to have been born with 
A. XYY syndrome.
B. Klinefelter disease.
C. Fragile X syndrome.
D. Down syndrome.


15. At birth, the average American baby weighs ________ pounds and is approximately ________ inches long. 
A. 5 pounds; 15 inches
B. 8 pounds; 22 inches
C. 7 pounds; 20 inches
D. 6 pounds; 18 inches


16. George thinks he has a good life. He just graduated from college, has many close friends, and is engaged to be married. According to Erik Erikson's theory, George would be developing a sense of 
A. humility.
B. importance.
C. generativity.
D. intimacy.


17. Which of the following is the period of development that occurs 2 to 8 weeks after conception? 
A. placental
B. metastatic
C. fetal
D. embryonic


18. Ahkilia is bitter and resentful. She looks back on her life and realizes that she has made many mistakes and was too fearful to reach her goals. At 82 years old, she knows it is too late to make any significant changes. Ahkilia is living in 
A. despair.
B. shame.
C. guilt.
D. inferiority.


19. Jessica spends a lot of time thinking about the choices she has made in her life and the events she has witnessed. She is adjusting to decreasing strength and health, and she has made several lifestyle changes as a result. Jessica is most likely in 
A. middle adulthood.
B. late adulthood.
C. adolescence.
D. early adulthood.

 A: (should have been B)

20. Dante is 2 years old. His mother took him to the doctor and discovered that he had gained 5 pounds and had grown 2 inches since his last physical exam. This is an example of the role of __________ processes in development. 
A. physical
B. cognitive
C. biological
D. socioemotional