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      I have been addicted to computer and science since 9 years of age. I took apart my brothers toys when he wasn't there, and put them back together. A friend of mine had a Comodore 64 where I use to program in BASIC. I was very addictive to the 64 and wanted one of my own, about $500 was the cost of them in 1985, but instead my father bought me a Nintendo 64. I got addicted to it as every kid around me did with the video games. I then got a Amiga 500 in 1988 and threw away my Nintendo and started to program and play with it. But Comodore Amiga bankrupt and all my dreams of leanrning Machine Language and others were gone! I then became very hatefull toward Bill Gates and the Clones that killed the system which were manufactured over sees, that was in 1995-1997 where I was without a computer until my wife bought one from my older brother, a Pentium 133 for $1000.

      My taste is basically simple, I like everthing! But what is most important about me as love to hate. So I love manually keying-in all this HTML by hand and searching through examples on other websites, and to find out that I can use Front Page or Dreamweaver and do all the editing and checkout the html and learning! That is the best way I liked to teach myself to code. I really like Sushi and Galzones from Papa Murphy's.

      I dislike this book by Elizabeth Castro called "HTML FOR THE WORLD WIDE WEB". I want to know what she was smoking to write this book. There is absolutely no reference about HTML tags and attributes in this book. My sister, Trina Packard took this same class at Shorewood Community College, and her books were smoking. They had better stuff then South Seattle Community College. Unfortunatly, my sister took back her WEB I class material.

This picture was taken by someone with a better camera in 4.24.05

Left: Charles Packard Middle: Trina Packard (sister to CP) Right: CP's son, Liam Packard at summit of Tiger Mt. April 24, 2005 after getting out of the hospital.


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