Hello! This is my first Web page. HTML is fun and easy!

My favorite website is my own website at charlespackard.com . I paid $2.95 to Yahoo.com for the DNS that is pointing to a DNS hosted by DYNDNS.COM for my DNS name pbin.gotdns.com. I do this all free except for paying Comcast, my ISP about $48 a month and the electricty to power my server, and once year $2.95 for DNS. I have several websites that I linked to on charlespackard.com but I haven't had time or really the inclination to update it. Being in school kinda killed the idea of inspiring more ideas of what I want to do. I built one website for a customer, BURIENBARK.COM and they liked it, and thought that it would be good to keep moving in a career developing websites for small companies. So I will keep an open mind for more tools I learn in this quarter of Web Production I. I have two kids 3 and 4 and am taking this class and two others online, it gets hard to study with the noise sometimes.

Charles Packard