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Welcome to my bad html website. I've set this marquee to scroll super fast so that it is very hard to read all of it. Hope you enjoy my site!

HeLlO aNd WeLcOmE tOo My HoRrIBbEl WeB tHiNg. Go AhEaD aNd clIcK oN sOmE "lInKs" I gErAnTy YoU wIlL bE sO FrUStRaTd U wIlL nEVeR wAnT tO cOmE bAcK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is an image of a solar system. Our planet, earth, is in a solar system too. Our solar system is called the Milky Way. But, it's not like a giant Milky Way candy bar or anything. It's just called the Milky Way. I'm not really sure why. Do you know why? Oh, what? You mean alternate text isn't supposed to be a paragraph along about the image? Really, very interesting. Good thing this is my bad html site. What? Your software that reads the webpage reads all of this to you. Wow, I feel honored. I knew somebody would read this. can't look at anything else on the site, because it spent all of it's time reading this to you. I'm sorry. I guess I don't feel honored for wasting your time. At least I made you frustrated. After all this is the point of this site.