Charles Packard

Ted Coskey

Astronomy 100

May 5, 2009





            Exploring the planets in our solar system should be more important than saving a few lives of our 6 billion populations on earth.  Earth is the home of the home sapiens the most intelligent species and I fell that we need to backup our DNA on other planets and moons from home just in case the earth gets hit by asteroid, a gamma burst, or something worse like uncontrolled global worming.  A backup plan is definitely needed and we have the technology to make it happen but not the aspiration of the world populous.

            From the industrial revolution to now we as a species have developed technology to create an environment where people live longer and are healthier and smarter but there is obviously a cost that we paid which is threatening all the species of Earth from pollution and more then normal CO2 in our atmosphere.  The only way we can stop earth from becoming an irreversibly global worming problem like maybe Venus is remove half the world’s population, but that is not a peaceful way to handle it and if we don’t do anything about it, nature will take care of it, and that leaves the reason to colonize planets and moons. 

            If scientists found an asteroid big enough to destroy all life on earth and we knew in advance like under 30 decades, I think it would be the catalyst we need for space travel.  A Noah’s ark program would have to be started or we perish.  As for a gamma burst from a very close supernova, a lot of species would likely perish, and there would be no way to start the project if it occurred tomorrow.  We must build a moon base, and then go to Mars first.  I believe there is ample supply of an isotope of special helium on the moon which is our future if we deplete all our CO2 creating fuels like petroleum or an alternative.  Who knows, maybe propulsion other then ion and chemical engines in space travel.

            I feel it’s very important to backup our species and as much as we can save from earth just in case something we can’t control happens.  I think NASA gets about $16.2 billion a year from taxpayers and each US citizen contributes about $53 dollar a year (Borland) I think there is nothing we can do to save ourselves unless we boldly start the project of space travel and build little biospheres of populations from the zero gravity International Space Station, to our moon, then Mars, and beyond by spending more than $53 a year per person for a backup of world species.    













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