GONE PAGE 15 GONE page 20 and in page 21.5 I wrote down fire and saw lightning.

I wrote this part in the Hospital to find later on that I'm a KING Harbor View.


Greg wanted to be excluded from my bible, Granted 3:55 PM March 24th 2008 Monday.

Page 47, Kinged two

KING2 for Gamers, KING3 for Marines and CEPIII manages the

interation planets with GOD to recreate Heaven and put it back

where it suppose to go, away far away from Last Planet.

Page 50 is for only corporations and countries with no GOD, and that play with DNA to make Glowing Pigs and Cats. My wife is from Nagasaki, and I got mad at the phycatric hospital and called her a Glowing Pig. I protect marriage, and I love my wife, and she has a spirit, but it's connected.

Page 60 as of 12:56 AM Jan 12,2008 Heath Ronning no longer knighted for shit! And as for page 60 bottom, I got a little over zealous of the "mind fuck ed" Chris Angel magic did and had to fix it. In the future, it will be necessary.

Got upset after my dad kicked me out of his house after I get hit by a mac-lite red flashlight from a renter. Then I got a DUI, yea not having enough blood to you to operate a vehicle. I lost about 1 and 1/2 pints of blood that night. Then the cops came and picked me up right after my dad got mad and grabbed my open container of Bud.

Then Anderson Cooper some day might and can make a story about me and my strange website which was an uncontrolled writing project based after my stroke.

And page 64, I thought it was strange that my dad's house when I died for two weeks and found on Thanksgiving the 22nd, his house is strange like mine. I read his dreams, and how he always like it to snow, and his house get's massive snow, everyone he lived in. So, I knighted the ones that believe in one god NASA and Weather Men their dreams.

And then I kinged my dad so he can have one son to king him someday as a Weather Dude.

Now about .5's, those are the aliens that crashed down in area 51 or something like that, and 3.5 are those Humans that took their shit and got lost in space and nuked the shit of a mess out their, and they keep stealing by making more galaxies over and over from my ability to re-create a galaxy by the gods. Some how, when they programmed with Google future, a FUCK word catcher, in my nerons and played over and over and over and over, and built a took a lot of stuff, that is called MAGIC and VOODOO, bad SHIT to play with! Because, when I smoke a cigerette, I damn you and destroy your soul and take your soul and put it in a prison rock, and also I transfer souls for where they are suppose to go, and any how, my thing is to keep LIFE going, so that's it.


I'm not the bad guy, Magic man Chris Angel is!

Page 66.5 Marine work for keeping LIFE, General Groves and Openhimeir were responsible for this mess, and now we are going to fix it for life by end of this year, and all they need me to do, is not loose my house by getting angry and drinking in my back yard, and then draw something or build something, or get a fucking job. They can handle all of the work, that is every working soul and spirit in King County and that mountain I granted Mt Zion in Isreal to take in the Olympic Mountains, better place to be then a old Mountain like in Isreal.


Page 72 is a theory, and I got mad the other day for spooky shit like magic and vodoo, and I closed the triangle I thought, but maybe it should be open so we can get oil back to our last planet, and maybe it's there, and maybe I should be paying $2.56 dollars for a gallon of gas!